Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of being an OrthoWell member?

OrthoWell members get access to JoyWell’s entire wellness and recovery network and membership services. You will also have direct access to a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon  and 24/7 access to their services as well as expeditious and preferential scheduling. OrthoWell ensures you will always be seen by the Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon  and not a physician assistant during office visits unless it is an absolute emergency. With an OrthoWell membership, you are always just a phone call away from the doctor and their wellness team.  Most importantly, the participating orthopedic physician will spearhead all of your orthopedic and musculoskeletal care whether you are in the office, at home, with your personal trainer, in the emergency room, or out of town.

Is OrthoWell concierge?

No. OrthoWell is a wellness membership offered by JoyWell Health & Wellness. You will be billed separately by the participating orthopedic physician’s office, and they will still bill your insurance for office visits and procedures. You will still be responsible for co-pays as well as the fees associated with physical therapy, MRI’s, personal training, and all third-party wellness services outside of JoyWell Health & Wellness.

How long is the OrthoWell membership?

OrthoWell is an annual membership. It can be discontinued or renewed at the completion of the year.

Does the OrthoWell membership provide primary care services?

No. An OrthoWell is not a substitute for your primary care physician. We are here to be the hub for all your musculoskeletal care and will assume all those wellness responsibilities. But should you have any primary care concerns or other medical concerns you will need to speak with your medical doctor.

Do I still have access to the orthopedic physicians participating in OrthoWell if I am not a part of the membership program?

Yes. The Orthopedic physician’s participating in OrthoWell are always here to help you with your orthopedic concerns and to serve their community. However, you will not have direct access to participating physicians outside of the office, nor receive preferential and expeditious scheduling. The participating physicians will always provide the utmost in orthopedic care, but you will not have access to the benefits of OrthoWell.

Am I a candidate for an OrthoWell membership?

Yes. Whether you want an annual membership for the recovery from a surgery, you’re looking for the long-term management of your musculoskeletal wellness, or you have a family full of athletes in need of orthopedic coverage, anyone is a candidate. We are here to serve the community and ensure our members maintain the activity level and function they desire.

How many OrthoWell memberships are available?

There will be limited memberships offered. The exclusivity of these memberships will allow the participating physician’s time to still manage the wellness of their patients to the best of their ability while fulfilling their commitment to every member of OrthoWell. Limited membership allows participating physicians to be available and provide members with the increased quality of care that comes with OrthoWell.

What does access to the participating OrthoWell physician include with my membership?

You will have 24/7/365 access to the participating physician while a member. After routine business hours, and on the weekends, it is recommended to minimize the texting as responses can be delayed. Additionally, after regular hours, on the weekends, and while the doctor is away, one of the participating orthopedist’s physician assistants (PA) may be responsible for responding to your questions. If a true-life threatening or a severe injury should occur, please do not just text or email OrthoWell, we ask that you call to speak to the participating OrthoWell physician directly. Further, in case of a severe injury, it may be in your best interest to call 911 prior to calling the participating OrthoWell physician.

Which hospital is the participating orthopedic physician affiliated with?

They have privileges at both hospital systems in Collier County (NCH & PRMC), as well as at select surgery centers. They are always available to assist you and care for your orthopedic needs while in the hospital and emergency room. Should you end up in the emergency room, please contact the participating OrthoWell physician directly and they will assist you. If you’re having surgery, your medical concerns will be managed by a medical doctor in the hospital while your orthopedic issues will be managed by the participating orthopedic physician and their team. Both the orthopedic physician and their PA’s make rounds on inpatient service.

Will the participating OrthoWell physician visit me outside of the office or hospital?

The physician does not make house calls or visit rehabilitation centers. All in person visits are performed at the office or, if an inpatient, they may round on you in the hospital.

Who do we see if the physician is out of town or if we need to be evaluated immediately?

If the physician is out of town or if you need to be evaluated earlier then the next day they are in clinic, you can get in to see one of their PA’s with the expediency your membership allows. PA’s are an extension of the physician and are trained directly by them. They are excellent at providing injections and ordering imaging, such as MRI’s, and they are in the office 5 days a week.

What is involved in the complimentary initial evaluation?

The purpose is to see if this is a good fit by discussing long term goals and expectations and answering any questions about the program.  The session will be no longer than 60 mins and will be held over phone or video conference.

What are monthly check-ins?

These are 60 min sessions over zoom that focus on specific short-term goals, resources, and action items each session to help support your long-term goals.

What is included in the wellness concierge plans?

You’ll receive Individualized action plans for each of your goals with recommendations and resources and services to help optimize your journey.

How does regular coaching through the JoyWell app work?

Your JoyWell Coach will regularly communicate with you on your progress and release personalized wellness content in support of your goals including:

  • Educational videos, articles and more from a variety of sources picked specifically for you in relation to your goals
  • Unlimited Messaging with your Wellness Team
  • Access to shopping lists with grocery and product recommendations
  • Regular tips and posts on general and musculoskeletal wellness in relation to your goals
  • Habit Reminders and Checklists
  • Body Stats and activity tracking
What are the customized meal plans?

Work with a Pro Coach to design 4 meal plans to fit your nutritional goals. Customize your calories, macronutrients, timings, and supplements to maximize your results. This is a non-clinical consultation best suited for people looking to maximize their nutrition for Body Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, General Health Maintenance, Sports Performance and more.

What are the customized fitness plans?

A Pro Coach will develop 4 custom fitness programs for you, as well as provide accountability and guidance for your nutrition & body stats.

Who is TriCore Wellness?

TriCore Wellness is one of our partner providers that specializes in clinical nutrition, meal planning and personalized fitness services.

Do you have further questions?

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Do you have further questions?

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