About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

My father was a ceramic engineer. He helped build some of the early microchips for the first computers. When I was a kid, he ran a microchip factory. He told me the hardest part of his job was he had to build a better microchip every year, and every year he had to charge a cheaper price.

In my opinion, this is what is happening to medicine; and I for one do not like it.

The insurance companies want us to see more patients and yet reimburse at a
lower cost. As a result, doctors’ offices have turned into factories where patients never see the doctor anymore. The patient may only get a 5-minute visit and can only be evaluated for one ailment. In fact, in some practices patients only meet the
orthopedic surgeon on the day of surgery and never see them again.

I aim to change the way orthopedic care is provided to our community!

OrthoWell’s Mission

My mission is to give patients unrestricted access to their orthopedic care. I want to sit down and get to know my patients and address all their concerns. I want to deliver medicine the way medicine is meant to be delivered. My vision is to be the hub of your musculoskeletal wellness and be the person you can count on most when you need orthopedic care.